The Ficus is Dead

drawings by lex millena Him: Oh hey. Me: What? Shit. Hey! Happy Thanksgiving. Him: Happy Thanksgiving sweetie. Are you here alone? Me: Yeah. I went to a few friends. Now I’m here. I don’t know why. Where’s Jason? Him: He went to get cigarettes, he’ll be back in 20 minutes or so. Me: Ugh. You […]

You’re Welcome

lex millena Him: Wow. You’re a busy guy. Me: You’re busy too! It took us months to find some common time. You look good, by the way. Him: You’re welcome. Me: Haha. Thanks for looking so good. Him: I told you – you’re welcome. Me: So you did. You said you had a doctor’s appointment? […]


Him:  Why are we doing this? Me:  Why are we doing what? Him:  Why am I here? Me:  Good question.  Why are you here?  Because I make good lunches, maybe? Him:  Shut up.  No.  I mean, yes, you do, but no. Me:  I miss you.  You come over because we miss each other. Him:  (silence) […]

FriDATE: Flashback

(photos by Jack Slomovits) Sometimes people ask me on dates.  They see me online.  Maybe they think I’m the answer to their life’s problems, or loneliness.  Invariably, I prove them wrong: Him:  It’s good to see you.  Surprising. Me:  Yeah, I never come here Him: Yeah.  That’s why I come here. Me:  That’s a good […]