Hey Michael,  I’m the guy from Duke University/UCB that you talked to on Friday at the Blue Boar. Since talking to you I’ve followed your advice by not fucking anybody in the comedy world and so far it’s going great. It was fun hearing gossip and an honest perspective about UCB, and I’d love to […]

I’m With Magneto

Tri Vo Studio Me: What is this theater? A speak easy? Him: It’s the closest one to my house. Me: There’s no sign. I had to circle the block three times to figure out where it was. Him: They’re doing construction. I bought a bunch of snacks.  You’re stressed out. Let’s have fun. (We watch […]

Stop. Be still.

tri vo studio Him: Are you okay? Me: No. Obviously. Him: Stop. You look tired. Stop. Don’t. Don’t hug me. You always try to hug me. Me: I need affection. Please hug me. Him: Stop. Fine. Yes. Here. Hug me. Me: Thanks. Let’s lie down? Him: No, I’m not here for that. I’m here for […]