photos by tri vo Me:  Really?  What’s that like? Him:  It’s super boring.  A lot of filing permits.  Tons of paperwork. Me:  That’s not what I imagine. Him:  I know.  Everyone thinks there’s all this designing and drawing and overseeing a workforce, but it’s 90% paperwork. Me:  Even so that’s a sexy profession.  Architect. Him:  […]


illustrations by lex millena Hey Pie Guy, My name is Kevin, and I wanted to write to you for a while now.  I’m having a problem and I wanted some advice – or maybe I just need to tell someone about it.  I feel ugly all the time.  I’m not sure why this should be […]


drawing by dale cooper Hi there!     I found your blog a couple of months ago and fell in love.  Brooklyn, pie, ukuleles…what’s not to love?  So, I’m feeling a little weird writing to you for advice as you’re a complete stranger.  As I’m writing this, though, I’m thinking that maybe that’s what I […]

The Ramble

Him:  Hey.  ‘Sup. Me:  Oh Jesus… Him: What? Me:  Nothing.  I just…  Hi. Him:  Hi. (a long pause) Him:  So, what’s up? Me:  I’m just on a walk. Him:  Cold day for a walk. Me:  Well, I like walking in the cold. Him: Is that so? Me:  That is so. (a long pause) Me:  No.  […]