eryc perez de tagle Him: I’ve been following your blog for awhile now, not only because I enjoy reading it, but because I think I’ve projected a fantasy onto you and admire you for everything I am not – handsome, talented, comfortable with their own body, freely pursuing their passion. I admire someone who is […]

You’re Welcome

lex millena Him: Wow. You’re a busy guy. Me: You’re busy too! It took us months to find some common time. You look good, by the way. Him: You’re welcome. Me: Haha. Thanks for looking so good. Him: I told you – you’re welcome. Me: So you did. You said you had a doctor’s appointment? […]

You’re the Jerk, Jerk

photos by tommy kha Him: Do you intentionally go on dates with people that you think you’re more intelligent than to make yourself look better when you write about it online? I’m serious. You come off as so holier-than-thou you’re either embellishing – or at least altering to your advantage – much of these conversations, […]