We are commenting on this blog post: https://piefolk.net/2012/01/12/rice-queen/ This blog post gives an introduction to the “rice queen” term and identity, which is used predominantly to describe white gay men who are primarily attracted to Asian men. The blog post outlines a conversation that Michael Martin has with an older fellow, and illuminates the problematic that […]


(photo by Jack Slomovitz) Him:  I’m sorry I’m late. Me:  Stop it, you look gorgeous. Him:  Ha.  Thanks.  So what’s your deal? Me:  What? Him:  Yeah, so you make these pies or what? Me:  Oh.   My site.  Yeah, I make a lot of pies.  I got good at them and it’s taken me a lot […]


rendered by Alexis Millena Him:  Why did you txt me? Me:  We’ve been hanging out lately.  I saw on Facebook that you went out for Pride instead of studying. Him:  Did you notice how I didn’t call you, even though I went out? Me:  Yes.  That’s why I txted you. Him:  Did you ever wonder […]


Him:  Come over. Me:  No.  You come over here. Him:  No.  You come over here. Me:  Noooo…  I have writing to get done, and I should bake and photograph stuff… Him:  Your stupid blog…. Me:  Yes.  And I have to re-write the show.  It got picked up for a run. Him: Come over! Me:  No.  […]

Five Things

Gentlemen. Here are five things not to say on a date with me: #1:  “I know you’re a comic, but seriously, what job do you do – you don’t seem that funny?” No.  Wrong.  Seriously.  Not the right thing to say.  That IS what I do.  I pay my rent doing this.  I’m not at […]