Dear Michael, Okay, so you married a woman. I want to hiss at you, you rotten so-and-so… You community betrayer. You no good fucking breeder… Just kidding. I imagine the reactions were something similar to that though – with sprinklings of misogyny (“vaginas are yucky,” that sort of thing).  Men! Am I right? Funny story – […]


photo: roger wingfield Hi.  I searched.  I read. It was funny, offbeat, intriguing.  A lot of it.  But I’m wondering if it’s okay to say there was something troubling in there as well?  I was reading the letter to you from Kevin bemoaning the racist attitudes he encounters among gay men.  You were – justifiably […]

ThursDATE: Aphasia

Place:  The L Train. Time:  Afternoon (What appears to be a Homeless Man is talking very animatedly to a creeped-out stranger.  He is speaking gibberish.  He looks terrified.) Homeless Man:  Otamad Krik.  Ayulac!  Niwre! Enialb Sonaj! (This goes on for a long time, the whole train ignores it.  Then suddenly:) Him:  Yes brother!  Let it […]

Five Things

Gentlemen. Here are five things not to say on a date with me: #1:  “I know you’re a comic, but seriously, what job do you do – you don’t seem that funny?” No.  Wrong.  Seriously.  Not the right thing to say.  That IS what I do.  I pay my rent doing this.  I’m not at […]