The Ficus is Dead

drawings by lex millena Him: Oh hey. Me: What? Shit. Hey! Happy Thanksgiving. Him: Happy Thanksgiving sweetie. Are you here alone? Me: Yeah. I went to a few friends. Now I’m here. I don’t know why. Where’s Jason? Him: He went to get cigarettes, he’ll be back in 20 minutes or so. Me: Ugh. You […]


  Her: Can I have some more wine? I burned my finger and I want to take my mind off it. Her friend: Know what’s good for a burn? Raw honey. It has antimicrobials that help the burn. Her: Know what else helps the burn? Wine. Will you pour me some more wine? Me: Know […]


Her: But he always does that. Haven’t you noticed? Me: Does what? Her: Won’t say yes to your idea. His is always better. You haven’t noticed that? He has NO RESPECT for the work.  We’re trying to improvise a show here! Doesn’t he? I mean… Fucker. I know he hates me. Me: Of course he […]