Him:  So here he is.  Me:  So here HE is.  Look at you, small drink of water. Him:  STOP IT. Me:  I mean it.  You’re gorgeous. Better than your pics online. Him:  Isn’t Grindr weird? Me:  I kind of think it’s amazing.  It’s like Chat Roulette, but in person.  You never know what you’re going […]


It’s Saturday, and I’m asking you on a date. Come see my show?  My comedy band is doing a show at UCB Theater this Thursday April 28th at 6:30 pm. The show is directed by the hilarious and talented Pamela Murphy. Here’s a video where I ridicule a straight guy and make him think he’s […]

Hang Man

I ran into an old friend of mine.  I haven’t seen him in years, even though he only lives 7 or 8 blocks away.  He’s a sweet guy. This is Anthony.  He’s an artist. He lives in East Williamsburg. He does visual art.  Drawings, paintings, photography. It’s how he makes his money.  He’s a gay […]