Sweet Gregory: Part Two, The Cabaret Bar – 2001

I feel threatened. My purpose seems off. I’m incomplete. I don’t feel whole. There’s no integrity to me, since integrity just means wholeness, completion, strength of structure. None of that exists inside me, in this moment. A jealous monster sits in a cabaret bar, listening to Sweet, Sweet Gregory sing about crossing borders. A jealous […]

The Roof

The Roof Alain’s Modelo spilled foamy tear ran striated navy matte roof grit mystery machine, pop white tear singularity froth, trickle,windshield crack one open – slip the hood, down the horizon, fire, illegal Mexican gunpowder (dontcha know Chinese invented) mottled downtown Los Angeles. Every flash in the pre-night gloaming, an argument won, twixt pre-adolescence, fathers […]

Widow, Widow

Widow, Widow just north of K-Town the village of Larchmont teams with privileged smiles hot asphalt, cold concrete a boy takes me walking talking about how the world is alternate, elemental, now, how everyone thinks pink but the mean boys drive by   just south of the village a quiet street the car slows down […]