photos by tommy kha

Michael Martin is a working comic, freelance showbiz writer, and songwriter. He’s traveled all over the world doing comedy, theater and writing songs for bands, commercials and films. He frequently writes about himself in the third person, which is not at all pretentious or annoying.

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40 thoughts on “About

  1. Pingback: Shake and bake. Need I say more? Just bake naked and I’ll listen… LOL! – Starz Trax

  2. Just found your blog and I love it – I wish lived in New York so I could come see you perform. I’d also offer to help with your problem not having enough sex, but I’m 6’2″ so I’m over the height your doctor recommended.

  3. I just love you and your site. It’s fun to look at and interesting to read. I don’t know why I am so intreged by this but I am and it’s amazing. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait for more. :-). 😉

  4. Looking at your pretty face reminds of why nature has used so many times in the course of of my lifetime. FWIW, all the individuals were wonderful people.

  5. Garfield gonna have new film ? great …. I am gonna sneak into the filming place n cosplay old ice cream man with mashdarch(beard .. bad at spelling …)… XD

  6. You’re so hot with that apron and cute with your glasses. I enjoy reading your pleasant blog. I hope to meet you before I breathe my last 😉
    – An Korean closet gay guy who has never been to U.S. yet.

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