Stop. Be still.

tri vo studio Him: Are you okay? Me: No. Obviously. Him: Stop. You look tired. Stop. Don’t. Don’t hug me. You always try to hug me. Me: I need affection. Please hug me. Him: Stop. Fine. Yes. Here. Hug me. Me: Thanks. Let’s lie down? Him: No, I’m not here for that. I’m here for […]


comic/actor julia weidman   photos by tommy ka They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. At least, they say that when you’re making fun of them. This guy isn’t making fun of me, but he’s copying me, for sure. I was annoyed when I found out that he was baking semi-nude, but then […]


Her: But he always does that. Haven’t you noticed? Me: Does what? Her: Won’t say yes to your idea. His is always better. You haven’t noticed that? He has NO RESPECT for the work.  We’re trying to improvise a show here! Doesn’t he? I mean… Fucker. I know he hates me. Me: Of course he […]