rendered by Alexis Millena Him:  Why did you txt me? Me:  We’ve been hanging out lately.  I saw on Facebook that you went out for Pride instead of studying. Him:  Did you notice how I didn’t call you, even though I went out? Me:  Yes.  That’s why I txted you. Him:  Did you ever wonder […]

FriDATE: Sup?

photo by Adam Gardiner Him:  Sup? Me:  Ha.  I ate earlier.  I don’t usually eat this late. Him:  What? Me:  Nothing. Him:  You ate earlier? Me:  Yeah.  You said ‘Sup.’ Him:  Yeah.  Like ‘Sup, bro?’ Me:  Right.  Like in a locker room.  Ha.  Sup bro? Him:  Not much Bro, just chillin’. Me:  Okay.  Me too.  […]

Vice Salon Party

Photos by Adam Gardiner VICE approached me about doing a PIEFOLK piece online. I said, sure. A reporter named Kristin Yoonsoo Kim came over.  She hung out with me and a few friends while we baked and talked about religion, atheism, oppression and internet stalkers. We made meat pies.  Pulled pork braised with Kim chi, […]

Adam Gardiner

Vice Magazine came over to cover one of my salon parties.  Adam Gardiner was nice enough to take some publicity photos for me.  I’ll write a longer post about it later tonight (I have a rehearsal and a show today) but I wanted to thank him for his work.  You’re a kind, handsome fellow, Adam.  […]


Dear Michael, I am a 62-year-old gay man who really enjoys your blog.   It must be extremely hard work keeping up with your busy life as a musician/comedian/baker/advice columnist/etc.  Being the age I am, I enjoy your comments and responses to letters as it reminds me of some of my own feelings and experiences in […]


Him:  So this is Brooklyn. Me:  That’s right.  Oldest borough. You look cute. Him:  Thanks.  Oldest borough?  You mean Manhattan, right?  Me: I’m pretty sure Brooklyn is older than Manhattan. Him:  That doesn’t make any sense. Me: Um…   (short pause)  You have really nice hair. Him:  I ought to.  I spent like 120 dollars at […]


(drawing by Dan Paul Roberts) “The first thing they had to realize was that all of them were brothers; oppression made them brothers; exploitation made them brothers; degradation made them brothers; discrimination made them brothers; segregation made them brothers; humiliation made them brothers.” – Malcolm X. A few years ago the (then) members of Thin […]


Him:  Thanks for inviting me. Me:  This turned out to be a pretty good party, right? Him:  It’s so much fun! Me:  Did you eat your pie? Him:  Not yet.  I will.  I hid it.  I know where it is.  I’ll eat it. Me:  I worry you don’t eat enough. Him:  Sometimes I don’t, but […]


(Guess I’m buying LEVI’S from now on) Hi Michael, I appreciated how you handled J.S.’s email.  It was just refreshing you called out his out-dated and insensitive comments.  You did hit a bullseye on that there are guys who still believe in “some gay hierarchy.”  But “entitled” people aren’t the only group of people who […]