Salon Party Part One

allison michael orenstein Ack!  The dollar store was out of mini-pie tins! What’s a guy supposed to do?? Well, we bought disposable four cup muffin tins, and cut them down with scissors. Ghetto style?  You bet. That’s Chuhan.  He’s a real sweet kid from Atlanta. He’s new to the whole Gay thing and we’re doing […]

Salon Party

allison michael orenstein Thin Skin Jonny, me, Robbie and Marcos got a bunch of artists together for tonight.  We’re having another Salon party. kristen yoonsoo kim It’s going to be fun.  Lots of comics, writers, singers, poets.  They’re all bringing food and drink.  They’re all going to perform a little.  It’s how poor art fags […]

HIV Test

Him:  I’m really scared. Me:  You look good.  I hate to see you limping around like that.  How’s A.? Him:  He’s getting better.  He says he’s healing pretty fast, which is putting him in a good mood. Me:   He’s not angry with me, is he? Him:  No. Me:  I’m glad you two are okay.  Sideswiped, […]

Happy Sunday, Folks

(Photo: Kristen Yoonsoo Kim) Hey everyone.  Thanks for all the love and support the past week.  I had a bunch of shows I had to do and I didn’t get to write PIEFOLK as often as I’d have liked to. Tonight Thin Skin Jonny is doing Margo Leitman and Giulia Rozzi’s Stripped Stories podcast at […]

FriDATE: Flashback

(photos by Jack Slomovits) Sometimes people ask me on dates.  They see me online.  Maybe they think I’m the answer to their life’s problems, or loneliness.  Invariably, I prove them wrong: Him:  It’s good to see you.  Surprising. Me:  Yeah, I never come here Him: Yeah.  That’s why I come here. Me:  That’s a good […]

Thin Skin Jonny

(featured photos by Adam Gardiner) We’re doing it.  Finally. After work-shopping and writing , and arguing and re-writing and cutting, and arguing and apologizing, and promoting editing and rehearsing, and arguing and getting all up in each others’ shit we have a show. And we’re proud of that show. It’s at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade […]


(baking photos by Jack Slomovits) Dear Michael,   After discovering your blog in Vice magazine, I just wanted to add my big, enthusiastic appreciation to the piles of accolades.  It’s become one of my favourite internet places for things that make me chuckle, pull the heartstrings, and are neat to look at.  I love how […]


(featured photo by Allison Michael Orenstein) (additional photos of Michael Martin and Marcos Sanchez by Jack Slomovits) Him:  Hey.  You’re T.’s friend, right? Me:  That’s right. Him:  Pie guy. Me:  Ha.  Yeah.  Pie guy.  That’s me. Him:  That’s cool.  Me:  I guess so.  It’s gotten out of hand. Him:  Has it? Me:  I think so.  […]