Hey Michael,  I’m the guy from Duke University/UCB that you talked to on Friday at the Blue Boar. Since talking to you I’ve followed your advice by not fucking anybody in the comedy world and so far it’s going great. It was fun hearing gossip and an honest perspective about UCB, and I’d love to […]

Rice Queen

allison michael orenstein Here’s a video of me doing stand up at UCB’s Soul Glo Project show for September. I sing a song about dating Asian guys, and though I try to keep it PC, it spirals beyond my control. Just kidding. I’m in control of every single awful thing I say! You’re welcome. Thanks […]


Him:  Come over. Me:  No.  You come over here. Him:  No.  You come over here. Me:  Noooo…  I have writing to get done, and I should bake and photograph stuff… Him:  Your stupid blog…. Me:  Yes.  And I have to re-write the show.  It got picked up for a run. Him: Come over! Me:  No.  […]

Five Things

Gentlemen. Here are five things not to say on a date with me: #1:  “I know you’re a comic, but seriously, what job do you do – you don’t seem that funny?” No.  Wrong.  Seriously.  Not the right thing to say.  That IS what I do.  I pay my rent doing this.  I’m not at […]