Dear Michael –

photos by adam gardiner for the vice magazine salon party Dear Michael, I’m writing to invite you to a retreat I’m throwing at my house upstate.  I’ve done this before with various levels of success.  Basically I’m looking for a nice group of good looking men to join me for a fun weekend at my […]


Hi Michael, I’m from Sydney, Australia where we all walk on our hands and ride to work in kangaroo pouches. And have gay sex. Lots of gay sex. I’ve never asked for advice before from a baker/actor/singer (you are a unique triple threat) but, you seem to go on plenty of dates, so here goes. […]

TuesDATE: Pumpkin

Him:  Wheeeee…   Helloooooo.  I just chugged two glasses of wine. Me:  Why would you…. Him:  It’s okay.  I only txted three people my butt pics!!  You can have them too!  I’ll txt them to you. (pause) Me: Yes, please.  Here’s my number. Him:  Hm.  Okay.  I’d jump your bones, so yeah, I’ll send you my […]

My Korean Mother

photos by eryc perez de tagle Hey Jerks. Hope you’re having a good weekend. Here’s some footage of Thin Skin Jonny performing at the Stripped Stories show in the New York Comedy Festival at UCB Theater. Daniel sings a sweet funny song about how he loves his mother, even though she’s pretty intolerant of his […]


Hey – I’m offering a class. Saturday the 17th of December.  4 – 8pm. Depending on interest, it will either be at my place in Brooklyn, or at a commercial baking space in Hell’s Kitchen. I’ll teach you how to make your own home-made pie crust, and filling. Email me to sign up. Jerks.