I Love Me: Breaking the Silence Awards + Maxine Waters

Breaking the Silence Awards recognizes corporations and leaders who use their platform of influence to advocate for Sexual & Domestic Abuse awareness. Since the inception, the I Love Me Foundation has provided supportive services through legal referral assistance, advocate support, financial aid, employment referral and housing assistance to over 1,500 youth, young adults, sex workers, […]

Sweet Gregory: Part Two, The Cabaret Bar – 2001

I feel threatened. My purpose seems off. I’m incomplete. I don’t feel whole. There’s no integrity to me, since integrity just means wholeness, completion, strength of structure. None of that exists inside me, in this moment. A jealous monster sits in a cabaret bar, listening to Sweet, Sweet Gregory sing about crossing borders. A jealous […]

Irony Generation

Here’s an article I wrote a while back for Thought Catalog. It was a response to a critical New York Times piece on The Irony Generation, whatever that is.  I guess I’m part of the irony generation. That feels weird to say. I’ve never admitted that I was a hipster before. So many other hipsters […]