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I wrote and produced this back in NYC. Shaun and Woody were two of my brighter students, and let’s face it, we lived near one another and they were available. I’m pretty proud of this series.

This was about 85% scripted, but Shawn and Woody were really sharp that day and got in some improvised zingers. It’s funny that Woody mentions being a human boy – the theme of a robot or wooden boy wanting a real heart keeps cropping up in his work.


This is a song about Daniel K. Isaac’s Korean Mother. We love her lots. We understand her, some!

Do gays have a secret coded language, like other minority groups?


I dated a beautiful actor named Jon Norman Schneider for a fews years.

He was a good lover, and a good band-mate, and he had a calm, quiet way of insisting on the very best. That uncompromising nature has led his career interesting places. Here’s a Regina Spektor cover.

UCB Comedy video parody of The A&E show Hoarders. Brett White wrote this and Nate Dern produced and co-starred. Amazing community over there!

Once upon a time, Marriage Equality was just an idea. An idea that Barack Obama wouldn’t get behind until safely re-elected. People. They’re the best. Here’s an earnest attempt to get the President to chat with me about how to equalize things for homosexuals and LGBTQ. Some folks were rotten turds about this video, but most people liked it.


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