Reality Check Live: Gay #MeToo #Broadway #WilliamIveyLong



I’m the current top-trending story on Reality Check Live, with Cary Harrington. It’s a long interview – about 25 minutes. Stream at the site, or download the Reality Check Live app on your smartphone! We talk about solidarity in the gay community, hetero-supremacy, internalized homophobia, and the growing dossier of evidence being compiled against serial abuser, and six time Tony Award winner, William Ivey Long.

This story is getting traction, and you can help by raising awareness, or even just supporting #MeToo in general. Help us make professional theater a safe place for actors? Too many careers have been ruined by those in power who have dirty fingers.

Let this generation be the last one forced onto the casting couch? #TimesUp for those who would use their power to intimidate, silence, pressure, rape, assault, or otherwise demoralize young, vibrant artists.

If you have information regarding William, or even just a story of gay #MeToo you’d like to share, email me at

Happy Sunday!


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