Vote for Mitt Romney


It’s Election Day.

You should really vote.

I don’t care for who, but if you don’t vote for the robot black man who married a drag queen then I won’t give you any pie.

But, if you disagree, you’re not alone.

Here’s a song from my friends Ryan Dunkin and Lorraine Cink, who think you should definitely vote for Mitt Romney:

One thought on “Vote for Mitt Romney

  1. Sure.. I’d vote for Romney if I didn’t want to marry my boyfriend of almost 8 years and wanted to adopt our two foster children who call us daddy… or if my boyfriend is on his death bed and I didn’t wish to be with him at his bed side. Because you know, these are just a couple things Romney supports.

    Too bad all these things are important to me and are basic human rights. I would never vote for someone who feels they can dictate my life and try and make me ashamed of him I am.

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