People Send Me Things


This set of photos comes from a lovely young man in London named Michael To. Pretty brave of you, Michael!

If you’re reading this and you’re feeling inspired to send me some photos, please do!

Look at that tattoo! I did some research – it’s the Chinese symbol for ‘Oh, I had no idea my ass was hanging out!’

Keep in mind – if you send me photos, it’s likely I might run them on my site.

Flexing. Flexing….

Michael made an Old English Custard pie.

Great lighting in Michael’s kitchen, right?

Michael is a handsome, brave guy. I’m sure he has other assets too.

Thanks for sending me things, Michael.

You can feel free to send me things too, Jerks.

3 thoughts on “People Send Me Things

  1. Hi, I love your quirky emails. I look forward to seeing where you’re going each time I get one. I would send pics, but I have none wearing an apron with my ass hanging out while baking a delicious custard tart. I aspire to having a boyfriend one of these days and when I feel comfortable enough, I’ll ask him to take ass hanging pics of me while baking a tart, and hope this doesn’t queer our relationship. Cheers! Jim

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