(drawing by Dan Paul Roberts)

“The first thing they had to realize was that all of them were brothers; oppression made them brothers; exploitation made them brothers; degradation made them brothers; discrimination made them brothers; segregation made them brothers; humiliation made them brothers.”

– Malcolm X.

A few years ago the (then) members of Thin Skin Jonny made a video.   I make them say ‘Join the Revolution’ at the end.   It used to be the tagline for my blog.

What an idiot.

“Join the Revolution.”  Like I’m Stalin or something.   Ha.

Even so…

It feels weird to revisit. So Sophomoric, even.  Like some advertizing slogan they come up with to sell a product they don’t believe in…

“Nike – Just Do It.”   (What?  Just. Do.  What?  What do you mean?)

“Coke is IT.”  (Of course it is.  It’s one of two options.  Of course Coke Is It.  It’s the only choice half the time.)

“Join the Revolution.” (Really??  Should we?? Should we join a Revolt about Pie and Gayness, and Respect?)

Even so.  There is a revolution brewing.  I feel it.

We’re not going to stay in our Gay ghettos anymore.

Chelsea.  San Fransisco.  Miami.  They are out of date.

They have no more meaning to us.  We are you.  And you are us. Get used to us.  We are your Gay brothers, children, teachers, community leaders….

We’re coming out into the world.  And we’re going to infect you with our Gayness.

Sorry, straights.  I know you’re stressed out and important, and you have all those kids to worry about.  Sorry.

(I’m not at all sorry)

Digest this:  We (the Gays) are Brothers and Sisters and we are strong.  You will reckon with us. You will stop giving us your shame and judgement.  You will. You will stop. We won’t accept it anymore.




Thank you, Straights.

You guys are awesome.

We hate you and think you’re inferior.

Just kidding, we love you.


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