Adam Gardiner

Vice Magazine came over to cover one of my salon parties.  Adam Gardiner was nice enough to take some publicity photos for me.  I’ll write a longer post about it later tonight (I have a rehearsal and a show today) but I wanted to thank him for his work.  You’re a kind, handsome fellow, Adam.  Thanks.

More later, Jerks.

2 thoughts on “Adam Gardiner

  1. Woaw… I just spent half my day reading your blog… I won’t pretend it has nothing to do with the fact that you’re very easy on the eye, but there’s actually a lot more than just pretty homoerotic pictures on here !! Anyway, I find you very funny and your writing’s really good. I particularly enjoyed the bad dates stories, even if I feel sorry for you – are there really that many jerks in New York (and not the good kind of Jerks) ? How can you not find the great guy you deserve ? (Come to Montreal :p !) Well, I guess if your life was romantically fulfilled your date stories wouldn’t be as entertaining…
    Anyway, kudos for the blog, and your pies look delicious !

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