Happy Sunday, Folks

(Photo: Kristen Yoonsoo Kim)

Hey everyone.  Thanks for all the love and support the past week.  I had a bunch of shows I had to do and I didn’t get to write PIEFOLK as often as I’d have liked to.

Tonight Thin Skin Jonny is doing Margo Leitman and Giulia Rozzi’s Stripped Stories podcast at Sirius Radio.  We’re very excited.

You can search Stripped Stories on iTunes for more info.

(watercolor:  Lex Millena)

Here’s the other thing.  I’m trying an experiment.  I have a cousin named Anna who has a beautiful singing voice.  She’s very young and she lives in St. Louis.  I’m recording a song and posting it on the interwebs and she’s going to listen to the recording, look at the chords, and sing a cover of it that she posts on the interwebs.  You guys – stay tuned for this.  She is a star in the making.  Here’s what I mean:





(my little brother Kazu contemplates a quiche we made)

Here’s the song I’m asking Anna to sing:

Please enjoy!

(photo:  Kristen Yoonsoo Kim)

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