Salon Party Part One

allison michael orenstein

Ack!  The dollar store was out of mini-pie tins!

What’s a guy supposed to do??

Well, we bought disposable four cup muffin tins, and cut them down with scissors.

Ghetto style?  You bet.

That’s Chuhan.  He’s a real sweet kid from Atlanta.

He’s new to the whole Gay thing and we’re doing our best to try to socialize him.

He’s got a bright spirit and a kind heart.

He loves to eat bacon.  I had to stop him from eating all my quiche filling.

That’s Clayton.  He came over to help us out.

We had 40 pies to make for as many hungry homos.

Clayton is gaining popularity as a DJ in New York City.

He works at The Ritz and other venues.

Clayton and I had a fun time harassing Chuhan.

We don’t do it on purpose, but Chu has this way about him.

He invites abuse.  Not domestic abuse.  Casual ribbing and teasing.

But if he doesn’t start listening, I’m going to hit him in the face.

You know, so he knows I care.

Guys.  It’s a damn heat wave.

I don’t have A/C.

These boys were really nice to come over and help me bake in this abusive heat.

We teased Chuhan relentlessly while we all sweated and took our clothes off.

Then Clayton and I started talking about abuse.

Clayton had a few insightful things to say about it.

Clayton pointed out that people (in general) tend to receive about as much abuse as they invite.

For instance, he said, when he encounters a person who complains, whines or mopes, he says it automatically makes him act mean, or abusive.

I think there are exceptions.  People marry someone and don’t know they’re violent, or whatever.  But I couldn’t help but think that there’s a fundamental truth to Clayton’s philosophy.

We get the amount of abuse we invite.  Hm.

Kinda made me worry about a few friends I have that have a tendency to seek abusive relationships.

I mean, I know some beautiful, bright, talented young Gays that seem to want to date obnoxious emotionally (or physically) abusive dudes.

That’s a tricky space to put yourself in, over and over again…

Hey.  These mini-quiches turned out okay, after all.  Despite our ghetto baking techniques.  Good call, Chuhan!

More on the Salon soon!  Enjoy the Bacon, Collard, and Sharp Cheddar Quiche.

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