People Send Me Stuff

From time to time people send me stuff.

I think my blog tickles a voyeuristic streak they have.  I dunno, really.  I’m grateful for the photos, drawings, etc.

You can send me stuff, if you want.  Just email me at

These pictures below are from a guy named H:

I didn’t know if he wanted me using his name.  So, I’ll just keep it to H.

I think these are some great shots.  They seem self conscious and un-self conscious at the same time, which is really what you want for an internet photo of yourself semi-nude.  Or if you made a pie:

See what I mean?  Unselfconscious and shy at the same time.  Adorable.

I like this one.  It looks candid.

This next one, however, is slutty and staged:

I mean, the pies look expert, sure, but a trio of egg pies?? Nestled together for warmth?

You might as well send me an evite to a threesome.

Just to be clear.  I was joking.  Don’t invite me to any threesomes.  My mom reads this blog, Jerks.

Even so.  Thanks for sending me stuff, guys.  You’re all beautiful, perfect creatures of the Universe.

Enjoy the boy/pie photos.  Jerks.

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