Sweet Gregory: Part Two, The Cabaret Bar – 2001

I feel threatened. My purpose seems off. I’m incomplete. I don’t feel whole. There’s no integrity to me, since integrity just means wholeness, completion, strength of structure. None of that exists inside me, in this moment. A jealous monster sits in a cabaret bar, listening to Sweet, Sweet Gregory sing about crossing borders. A jealous […]

The Roof

The Roof Alain’s Modelo spilled foamy tear ran striated navy matte roof grit mystery machine, pop white tear singularity froth, trickle,windshield crack one open – slip the hood, down the horizon, fire, illegal Mexican gunpowder (dontcha know Chinese invented) mottled downtown Los Angeles. Every flash in the pre-night gloaming, an argument won, twixt pre-adolescence, fathers […]

Widow, Widow

Widow, Widow just north of K-Town the village of Larchmont teams with privileged smiles hot asphalt, cold concrete a boy takes me walking talking about how the world is alternate, elemental, now, how everyone thinks pink but the mean boys drive by   just south of the village a quiet street the car slows down […]

Bless You

“Stilly, you can’t expect people to always have the same work ethic. To always agree with you. You can’t expect people to keep up with your manic, crazy pace. You have to learn to slow down, or you’ll crash.” “Lee, I’m tired of sitting around waiting for the rest of my life to start. When […]