IMG_1268eryc perez de tagle  asked me to write a piece for them.

I wanted to talk about Grindr and Gay Dating.

I’ll post more about this in a few days, or you can click the link above.

I think we could all relax a little bit about Grindr. It’s just social networking.

I have met really great friends and lovers on social media.

Calm down a little, fags.

Winky-smile emoticon.

Grindr profile



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  1. I think the grand spectrum within Grindr is a perfect example of how it is not fully making or breaking the gay community (as boy in your article had thought). What I find most interesting about the app is the gamut of things men are searching for, from long term relationships to anonymous hookups and everything in between (like sharing pictures of delicious cupcakes).

    But I can also understand boy’s point of few. Grindr has certainly made me very jaded about the gay community. This is definitely because I didn’t know of the app’s existence until unfortunate circumstances led to my two year boyfriend finally admitting that he was using hookup websites, as well as the app, behind my back. Blah, blah, blah, we broke up.

    And now, I can’t even be on Grindr. This is mostly because I can’t bear the thought that while I’m on perusing, so is he. And then all I would be thinking about would be picking out the guys he mostly likely is talking to, and that just sounds crazy.

    With that, I’ve grown very jaded because now I’m under the impression that all gay men are on Grindr (or some equivalent), which to me means that at any given moment in the meet up to dating to long term relationship scenario, the guy your with is also perusing his apps and constantly maintaining something of a safety net or searching for something better, instead of allowing himself to live in the insecurity of falling completely into a relationship and experiencing it fully. What is a relationship like without the distractions so easily found on the phone sitting in your pocket?

    Case in point: I did meet a boy on Grindr. We went out on something of a date. While drinking at the bar his phone kept lighting up with his Grindr updates, and, although I knew he didn’t want me to see, it was still apparent that even with me, a real live guy in front of him, he still wanted to Grindr it up. So, really, what does that make me?

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