Post Racial

eryc perez de tagle

I keep hearing people talk about how we’re living in a ‘post racial’ society. That racism somehow isn’t relevant to the younger generations. Man, I wish that was true. Wouldn’t that be great?

Here’s some snippets from a recent conversation I had on Grindr.

The guy who was chatting with me is significantly younger than me.

I think it’s safe to say this guy isn’t living in a “post racial” America.

Maybe it’s wishful thinking. It’s an attractive idea: a society where race no longer matters to anyone in any way, shape or form.

A friend of mine recently pointed something out. Whenever you hear people talking about ‘post racial’ America, it’s almost always a white person. You don’t hear a lot of people of color going around giving lip service to that idea.

I  wanted to hear more of this guys crazy, awful opinions. I wanted to write about him here, and start some sort of dialogue about race and the gay community.

I think he got wise to me, though. He was less enthusiastic about meeting me the next day. Maybe he was embarrassed about the idiotic things he’d said via Grindr. Or, maybe he checked out my blog from my profile, and realized that if he met me, I’d do my best to make him look like a Jerk.

It wouldn’t have been difficult. He did a good job of making himself a Jerk.

13 thoughts on “Post Racial

  1. haha this is so funny. love it. and quite frankly, “im perfectly good being asian. because more people want me.” LOL. it really did make me smile.

  2. His loss. There are a lot of hot and beautiful folks out there of many flavors. A “date” with him would just be a bear-baiting… weasel baiting… whatever he turned out to be…

  3. “just in general no one is really attracted to Asian guys, not even their women.”

    Wow. Stupidity of the human race.

    1. Stupidity indeed. I’m not for culling the dumb people, but I’m not against removing warning labels off of everything and letting natural selection do it’s thing. ;o)

  4. The race issue rears its ugly head (once again); although this is the First Time I’ve heard about this “post-racial” nonsense. Sounds to me like an intellectual cop-out for guys to forego any rational discussion about their own insecurities and prejudices. And Surprise! This comment from a guy on Grind’r – where there are always variants of such discrimination expressed in quite odious ways (e.g., no femmes, fatties, trolls, oldies, Asians, Middle-Easterns, etc…the list goes on and on. It’s not only a race issue after all – it’s a physical perfection issue that encompasses skin color, age, and form).

    More interestingly, they often defend their prejudice with the sweeping statement that this is their “preference”, and that it is their right to NOT like one or the other. Complete immunity from persecution of their choice. We could argue their viewpoint till the cock comes to roost, but unfortunately–while Grind’r is certainly not the best forum for discussing ethnic, physical, or ageist prejudices because the sample population is quite horrendously self-absorbed in and of itself– it does sadly reflect a disturbing perspective held by a lot of the young (and not so young) gays out in the real world.

  5. People like him make me hate myself. Yeah, you can give the spiel about how I’m better off not associating with these kinds of people, but the very act of dismissal of whatever reminds me that I’m still ugly and sub-par to him and easily a large number of people simply for being Asian and whatever else isn’t ideal. And I know I shouldn’t care about what other people think of me, but I don’t think I can do that. If you’re not worried about what other people think, then what’s the point of having any kind of social life? I mean, what you think of others and what others think of you is the basis of any kind of judgement and, in turn, social life, right?

    1. No! If u base ur social life around haters, u need sum new friends. And not just the grindr kind. Seriously.

  6. I think the Asian guy in this conversation was stupid. Stop trying to talk to people who don’t want you. Block them and be on your way. He stated his point in a rude fashion. Don’t sink to his level.

  7. Hearing this is like hearing the phone rings.. Everyone (including asians) has preference but let’s be human-being about it and not being a dick.

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