allison michael orenstein

Me:  Where did you go?  You left after the show.  I was so excited to see  you.  I’ve been wondering about you for months.

Him: I am sorry ~ I was so shy ~and actually I did came back ~after eating mcdonald ~ THanks a lot ~ for your show ~ I feel much more better now ~I was so upset these days ~ and bored ~ and bite my lips twice by eating food ~ actually 3rd time ~ today the mc chicken make me bite my lips a 3rd time ~you are so cute ~ garfield ~ I like you very much ~ I ll definitely come back to see you again ~ :)lol ~ you leave so early ~ I thought you will stay later ~ Next time we ll eat together ~ lol~

Me:  I’ve been waiting for months to meet you.  I’ve been intrigued by you.  You’re a Gay Christian, from a culture that doesn’t embrace Christianity.  That’s interesting to me.  Plus I’ve grown attached to you, from talking to you on Facebook.  Next time wait for me.

I want to talk to you, or just take a walk.

Him:  I went to mcdonald n regret n went back, but i bite my lip again…

Me:  What’s this church you go to?  I wanted to walk with you and talk, and maybe hug you and touch your face.  I feel strongly for you, somehow, after talking so long on Facebook.  You’re an unusual guy…

Him:  I go to five churches.  Three of them frequently…  Anglican Christian…

Me:  Isn’t five a lot?

Him:  I’m on a plan to re-virginize myself.  I’m trying to focus on this guy, my beloved, that I met…  I gave up all of my online dating accounts.  But still…  it’s mostly futile.  Maybe I’ll focus on studying…

Me:  I’m not sure I understand…

Him: I’m just in a bad mood and I’ve been biting my lips lately.  I have a lot of stress and I think about God a lot.  It’s difficult.

Me:  I could be your friend…  if you would stick around after shows, instead of running off to eat Mc Donalds…

Him:  I love the piano man.  He’s amazing.

Me:  None of us are anything without Frank.  He’s amazing and we all owe him a great deal.

Him:  You’re like Garfield eating pasta on stage.

Me:  You’re beautiful, and I don’t understand you at all sometimes.  Can you talk more about God?

Him:  I went through a period where I was very bad.  Lots of smuggling and lying and cheating.  I’m from I am Chinese citizen but born illegally in Japan~ My grandparents are Japanese war orphans ~ I am Japanese / Mongolian heritage ~ I live in Manchuria and Mongolia 5 years ~ I smuggling a lot ~ and in order to go to some place better ~ I always lying and cheating…

Me:  Hey.  Tell me something right now.  Can I trust you?

Him:  After my lying period is over, yes.  I want to be a different person than that.

Me:  So can I trust you?

Him:  Yes.  You can trust me.

Me: I don’t care what your past was, kiddo.  I like you for what your are now.  Why don’t you come back to the show?  I’ll go out with you afterward.  We can take a walk or grab some food and I’ll encourage you and maybe even hug you if you’re feeling down.  Is that the worst thing?  Can’t we be intimate.  Do you have too many friends?

Him:  cool ~ I try to be like echo ~ though I know it is a myth ~ the guy I met his name is narcissious ~ so intresting ~ Everytime I give up and go online to predict ~ God will encourage me to continue doing something ~ that’s a good idea ~ thanks a lot ~ I ll definitely hug u ~

lol ~

Me:  Or maybe we could have a real relationship.  We could just be friends…  I bet you’re lonely.  I could be a good friend to you.  You seem to have a lot on your mind.

Him:  I bite my lips anyway ~ I cannot do nothing ~ I guess this is God testify my faith on crashing on someone ~I already thought of being your friend ~ that’s why I plan it carefully rather than seeing you too rush ~lol~long time ago I knew you could be a good guy ~and I want to keep you as a friend ~so I just collect data of you through observation:)

Me:  Okay then.  I hope you come back to the show.  Until then – enjoy collecting data….

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