The Dodos

This is The Dodos.  They are nice boys.  They are talented boys.  They are world class musicians.  They are rock stars.

Meric Long is the guitarist/lead singer.  Logan Kroeber is the guy with the drum kit, and sings too.  They quit their jobs and became rock icons in 2006.  They have since toured the country with national acts like Les Savy Fav, Peter and the Wolf, and The New Pornographers.

But right now, they’re not doing that.  Right now they are headliners.

And they fucking eat the audience alive.

They have a new album out.  It features a woman who I consider to be the best alt/dark country artist in the world right now.  Her name is Neko Case.

Logan is younger brother to a good friend of mine, Gavin Kroeber.  We met a few years back, and Gavin asked me to take Logan on a bike, skateboard, roller blade ride with him and his girlfriend.

Him:  Jesus.  You’re a speed demon on those blades.

Me:  I am?

Him:  Yeah. You’re all about the forward motion.

Me:  Yes.  That’s very true.  Should we fuck around on this concrete softball court?

Him:  Okay.  That might be nice.  Michelle is probably tired.

Me:  That’s not very forward thinking.  Just because she’s a girl?  She’s on the bike.

Him:  No.  Because she suffered a real loss.  Remember.  I told you about that.  Two days ago.

Me:  Oh.  Right.  Oh no. I’m being insensitive.  I’m self absorbed.  I do that sometimes.  I have me on the brain. I’m sorry.

Him:  It’s okay.  That’s just how you’re built.  You don’t have to apologize.

Me:  I talked to her about it a few days ago.  I said something really idiotic about how I just lost my aunt to Alzheimer’s.  It probably sounded corny.  I was really busted up about it. But this. This I can not imagine.

Him:  No.  I’m sure she appreciates that you trying to relate.

Me:  I felt stupid.  That’s not what grief is about.  It’s impenetrable.  Having someone say ‘I know what you’re going through’ does nothing.  It’s meaningless.  Nobody knows what you’re going through, not in the moments of grieving something.  That’s all yours.

Him:  Yeah, I know.  I think if we just slow down a little and let her go through what she needs to go through she’ll be okay.

Me:  You’re really good.

Him: What?

Me: You’re really good at this.  You just alerted me that I needed to be more sensitive without making me feel ashamed.  You’re really good.   You’re a good man.  She’s lucky to have you.

Him:  You’re very kind to say so.

Me:  Later I’ll take you down to the Hasidic area of Williamsburg.  It’s the only place in the world I’ve ever felt invisible.

Him:  Invisible?

Me:  They don’t acknowledge you if you are not one of them.  Sometimes, I wish Gays could get away with that.


That was a joke.  Kind of.

Him:  I’m going to do some skateboarding in this concrete softball court.

Me:  I’m going to do Gay little rollerblading turns.

Him:  Yes you are.

Merick.  Logan.  You guys have become powerful artists.  Wield that power guys.  I remember when you would play Pete’s Candy Store for 20 people.  Now look at you.  Sold out crowds?  Hundreds of people?  Yes.

In many ways, I wouldn’t have had the courage to start my own comedy band if I hadn’t become obsessed with your album Beware of the Maniacs. I’m grateful.  Thanks for the tickets, and for hanging out.  See you when I see you.



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