Couple Things

Drawing by Brendan Lahey

Hey Michael,

Before we get into me, let’s talk about how amazing PIEFOLK is.  It deserves to always be spelled in caps and in bold letters because it makes me smile. Your food is delicious and the friends you cook with seem like a great bunch. Thank you for being as sarcastic and funny as always and bringing joy to my RSS feed.

Now, what I’d love some insight on is my initiative with guys. I seem to always be the one to put forth effort into wanting to hang out and make plans. I’m not one to play games and maybe that’s here the problem lies? I don’t want to do some dance of withholding emotions in lieu of just saying what I’m thinking/feeling. At first I thought maybe I was just too available, even though that’s a subjective opinion but I feel maybe I just make time for people I think are worthy of it and maybe I shouldn’t hand out my free time so easily? Another thought of mine is maybe I’m not so secretly attracted to the guys who aren’t as up front about how they feel and like to play games and lead me on. Maybe I just have too many questions and am in my head too much?

Hit me with your best remedy for a summer of less time given away to those not interested and possibly your thoughts on how to avoid the pattern in the future?



Thanks for all your nice compliments.  It’s really encouraging to hear people talk like that about my site.  Thank you.  Sincerely.

Okay, so you pride yourself that you’re not the type of person to play games.  Great,  that’s refreshing to hear.  But most people like to play courtship games.  They like the subtle mating dance that seems to go along with dating someone.  It’s okay for you to opt out of that, but that just means you’re going to have to search a little harder to find the person you’re looking for:  another person who doesn’t play games.

Are you making yourself too available?  I’d suspect that you’re probably telegraphing your availability too much, too soon after meeting someone.  Mind you, that’s only a feeling I’m getting after reading a letter.  But you might be sending out ‘I like you – let’s give this a try’ vibes that are being interpreted as being more needy than you intend them to be.  You don’t want someone to feel like they’ve nailed it down by the end of the second date.  Because most people want more of a challenge than that.  They want to discover they like you slowly, over time.

It could be that you’re really good at pinpointing the type of person/personality that you gel with, but if you really want to keep from screwing the pooch, err on the side of making yourself the commodity.  Make the other person prove to you that they would be a good boyfriend.  Take a month and play the field.  Kiss as many boys as possible, and see who’s calling and what your options are.

Why zero in on one person and make them the object deserving all your affection? Make the person that eventually gets all of you prove they deserve it. Remember.  You’re the commodity.  You’re the hot ticket item.  I’m not saying to act arrogant (I’ll take care of that for both of us), I’m saying to act confident.  You’re a strong, vibrant young man.

When it becomes apparent that the right young man has manifested in your life, take a deep breath and take it slow.

Until then, play the field.




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