Hi there, 

just discovered ur website — Mr u re absolutely gorgeous !!)) 
I’m 27 y.o. originally from moscow-russia — a huge fan of cooking.. I spent 5 years studying in London/UK —> moving to NY in a few months_ hope t meet u there one day!) 
Keep doing what u re doing .. so sexy btw.. )) 
s y 
Thanks.  What can I say?  You’re nice.  And cute.
We can work on your grammar when you get here, but please look me up.
So after reading about ur annoying date I was wondering ur views on age gaps between people, does age really effect relationship possibilities? (ex: 18 guy with a older man age range 26-30)

And what really makes a guy attractive? how are you so god damn irresistible?..lol 🙂
My view on age gaps?
They’re annoying.
You have more (or less) life experience than the other person.  That creates a perspective discrepancy.  The younger person feels patronized and the older person feels like they’re playing a waiting game.  It’s awful.
Even so, isn’t it great to have a younger/older BF?  Aren’t there perks?  Shouldn’t you give it a shot?  Why not?  Go for it.  Also, beware.
What really makes a guy attractive?  Confidence in his vulnerability.  A guy who knows his fears and is still confident about life.    That’s the hottest thing.  Also a good butt.

Why am I so irresistible?  I’m not.  Plenty of people turn me down.  I can thank my parents for good genes, but I’m a walking nightmare of a person.  So many precious eccentricities.  Ugh.

Still, thanks for saying such nice things.  It was nice to hear.


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