The Prismatic Order

I had to make some miniature pies.  Mixed tart berry pies.

A couple friends offered to come over and help with them.  I didn’t want to spend 5 hours baking.  Soth and Louie came by.

I showed them how to bring the dough together.

We talked about our childhoods, and the Prismatic Order, that Louie and I joined for that MMO Rift.

Louie:  Mysterious rifts are tearing the world of Telara apart. A powerful magic explosion during the final days of the Shade War has left the veil between Telara and other planar dimensions fractured and torn.

Me:  Isn’t it sweet that I joined The Prismatic Order, your Defiant LGBT guild in RIFT, even though I don’t play it?  I think I’m a great mascot for something this nerdy.  I’m such a nerd in so many ways.

Louie:  You’re just trying to bother me online.

Me:  Side affect of me REALLY wanting to be a Dark Blooded Half Wood Elf with kick ass Blade skills and a natural resistance to poison.

Louie:  You don’t know what you’re talking about, fool.  You’re a bad person.

Me:  Look.  I’m just trying to organize a little Lord of the Rings Nakey Bakey.  Where have all the Entwives gone anyway?

Louie:  Don’t embarass me on the Prismatic Order.

Me:  That’s a Facebook status update if I ever heard one.

Soth:  What are you two idiots talking about?

Me:  Sorry, Soth…  we were geeking out.  You were saying how your passion is working for non-profits?

Soth:  Yes.  Right now, I guess it is….

Me:  Did you know that I have an amulet of fortitude that makes me take 50% less damage on fire magic?

Louie:  You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Louie:  It’s my thesis.  I want to see what makes people smile.  I want to try to see what happens if I pursue that question.

Soth:  I think that’s noble, or whatever.  It sounds like a decent idea.  Do you have a hard time getting strangers to respond to you?

Louie:  Yes.  I stood on Bedford Ave for six hours the other day.

Me:  Ugh.  Those assholes? Go to Prospect Park.  You can’t expect a genuine exchange from those Bedford types.

Louie:  So I realize.

Me:  Did you know that I have a Ring of Concealment that lets me gain a 60% camouflage bonus if i wear it at night?

Louie:  There’s almost zero reason to talk to you.

Soth:  That’s  a good idea for a thesis.

Me:  Yes!!!  He should do a thesis on enchanted items.

Both:  Shut.  Up.

The pies came out pretty cute!

There was leakage.  The filling leaked out of the crust, a little.

Soth: I studied Photograpy at Dartmuth…

Me:  Why have I heard of that?  Is that in Virginia?

Soth:  Vermont.

Me:  Never heard of it. Is that a state?

Louie:  He’s a bad person.

Me:  Did you know that I have a cloak of warding, that protects me from curses?

Louie:  I’m going to kill you.

Soth and Louie were nice to come over.

We got the pies done in record time.

They’re good guys.

Enjoy the Mini-Pies.


2 thoughts on “The Prismatic Order

  1. I like the cute pictures of the kissing, and the nice asses. And i’m sure what you wrote was awesome, but i’m mostly into the pictures.

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