Happy Sunday!!

I’m currently work shopping three songs for an audition packet.

BMI runs a really cool writer’s group for musical theater writing.  If you’re accepted you get to be part of this writer’s group, and get trained by industry professionals.

The audition is in August.  You have to present 3 songs.

This is one of mine, I think.  A bunch of 30-40 something artists are at a retreat in the Adirondack mountains, at a cabin.  One of the main characters gets a little drunk on too much wine, at dinner, and starts musing about how he wants to die by himself.  The other artists are shocked, and kind of offended, as he unravels in this song.

It’s not finished yet, and could stand a re-write, but I  think the bare bones are there for a pretty compelling song.  Hope you enjoy:

Have a great Sunday, Jerks!

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