Birthday Present


My Little Brother Kazu bought me a present!

He’s the sweetest little brother!  He bought me the mug in the picture above.

Isn’t he just the cutest thing?  Well, listen to what he did:  He took a photo of me and he turned it into a sketch.  then he had it printed on an apron.

What??  Super cool!

It’s pretty much the nicest present I’ve gotten since Lex did that watercolor of me.    I was really touched.  What a kind thing to do, right?

Kazu’s a class act.

I’m lucky to have his friendship.  Thanks for the apron, Kazu.  It was the neatest thing.

Have a good Thursday, Jerks.

1 Comment

  1. It’s nice to meet your little brother (otouto)! He is quite adorable, and the gifts seem to be very thoughtful and lovely! 🙂

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