People Ask Me Questions

People have been asking me questions here and there, lately, and for better or for worse – I’ve started answering them.   I find some of the letters cropping up in my inbox compelling.  Please don’t take my advice.   I’m not a doctor.  I’m just a guy who makes pies and plays the field.  Even so…

(Quick sidebar: this guy got on the train dressed AS A PANDA.  Amazing, right?)

hi michael., how are you?., my name is michael, “oh! same name, great!” lol., member of ur group in piefolk in dlist., 🙂 i just wanna ask ur advise about my, u know something bout sort of personal things., well how will I say this., hhmm.,
well I am an asian and i just moved here in toronto 3 weeks ago., im from Philippines to be specific, if u wanna know., hehe.,
well I am a gay “proud” and honestly i dont have any experience yet in sex with another guy.,and i to mention dont have any plan fucking with girls., cuz u know in my place its just like d ppol der r sooo “conservative” i dont know if its d ryt word to describe them but yes i think they are., and i dont know cuz maybe “maybe” its me had a problem “i guess” in dealing with that thing called “sex”., but i dont think so.,cuz its just lyk they are not my type., many opportunities had come in my lyf to do d thing but im just finding myself backing out., cuz u know it flashes in my mind dat i have to do sex to d one whom i reli love or just my type., not fucking to anyone just to feed my appetite.,
so when we moved here in canada I feel doing such thing., cuz i feel so left behind. i dont wanna grow old having no fuck in lyf., yeah no way!..
so i had dis friend of mine but we just met here in internet.,
he’s from Iceland and he will take a business trip here in toronto on May., and we r planning to meet up and do fuck., he is 49 years old., well so old for me cuz im only 21., 😉 its okey if he’s around 30 or 20 something., but he’s 49., and dats d age of my father come on its like fucking my dad., ew?
so im confused now if im going to meet him just to experince d thing or i will have to wait again for d ryt time., i really need ur advise here and I hope u’ll respond.,
and oh! sorry bout my english., im not dat good., 😉
thank you mike!


(He took his panda head off and put on what seemed to be a bullet proof vest under his panda costume.  It was probably just panda padding.  I hope. )

Hey Michael,

I think it’s cool we have the same name.  Yay, Philippines!  My last long term boyfriend was from the Philippines.  If I may say so, you guys seem to have a pretty great culture.  Talented, convivial people.

I’m also a proud gay who has no intention of fucking with girls.  Yay!  Gay “prouds”!

Wow.  I guess 21 is a long time to be waiting to lose your virginity, huh?  But I have a few friends that waited even longer than that.  I don’t think they regret it much, on the whole.   They also don’t seem malformed as adults because of waiting so long.   I think that’s something to consider.  You might consider waiting to have sex with this guy, if you’re not attracted to him.

(I was disappointed to read in the paper the next day that no banks had been robbed by Pandas)

Are you attracted to him?  It sounds like you might not be.  Listen, not for nothing, you’re a 21 year old guy – an Asian guy to boot – in a country full of friendly, pasty white stoners.  YOU CAN GET A DATE.  People might be slightly creepy and exoticize you about your ethnic identity, but I think you can probably get a date.  So, are you attracted to him?  It sounds like, from your tone, you’re not.   Then again, maybe you’re on the fence.  It’s very hard to tell online if there would be chemistry in person.

I say make him buy you dinner and prove his case.  Make him take you out.

I’m Icelandic myself, on my father’s side.  I can say this about Icelanders:  We are warm, considerate, stubborn, sweet jerks.  He might charm the pants off you at dinner, and then you can decide if you want your first time to be with someone almost 30 years older than you.  If he acts impatient, don’t sleep with him.  He’s not the right guy for the job.

That’s the thing about hooking up online – you don’t have to go through with it.  It’s just a starting off point.  You can always back out.  Just because you two had some sexy talks online doesn’t mean you have to fuck him.  He’s 30 years older than you.  Make him work for your attraction.

I think  there are plenty of younger gays in your local area that would love to be your first.  But, if you wind up finding this guy attractive, sleep with him.  You’ll be glad it’s over.  Please be respectful of him and if you reject him, find a way to let him keep his pride.

Don’t expect sex to be great the first time.  It can be awkward, and it can take a while to enjoy yourself.  Don’t go through too much pain, though.  If it hurts or he’s not being considerate, make him stop.  Again, if he acts impatient, he’s not the right guy to be taking your virginity.

You’re beautiful, and perfect, and I love you for writing me this letter.  Mabuhay!



Enjoy the Advice, Jerks.


4 thoughts on “People Ask Me Questions

  1. As a 21 years old gaysian myself… ok i’m 22 +10 days… XD I appreciate the advice Michael gave here. Do realize that you CAN GET A DATE! Never feel like you need to have sex with the first guy who seems to give you some attention. Make them work for it! Look around! *you are in Toronto-hello! Go out on a few dates first. Test the water! Feel comfortable about yourself… Your dick won’t fall off if you don’t have sex by the time your turn 30s. It’s ok to wait!

    Speaking from experience, I would say no with that 30 years gap, esp it is your first time & you are on the fence about it.

    Anyway, stay safe & have a sexy time!

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