Gandhi and 4 Questions



Arpana restaurant.  Miss Snow and I are checking on Kafka, our adopted Japanese man-child, who works in the kitchen.  We have just finished a meal and have been invited to have our palms read by an Indian mysitc. There is an air of romance. We just came from Tiffany.


Him: I am a palm reader. You may ask four questions for 15 dollars.

Me: Okay. I believe you are a psychic because you have a magnifying glass made of Mother of Pearl. You got that near the ocean, didn’t you?

Him: Yes. In Florida.

Me: I knew that, because I’m psychic. Or perhaps it just reminded me of shells.

Him: What is your first question?

Me: Why do I have to lie to pepole? It seems like people don’t respect me, unless I lie a little?

Him: The universe doesn’t want you to lie. You will be very ashamed if you lie, and so you cannot be a liar. This is very important and I cannot stress this enough. There are layers of deception, and self deception and you’ve been peeling those layers back for a long time, and now you find the fruit of your labor. Enjoy anything sweet that comes your way, but do not try to lie. It is not in your nature.

Me: Really? I tell stories for a living, though.

Him: That is not the same as lying. You make a clear distinction in your work life, from your home life, and you have earned the right to say with conviction ‘I have integrity.’ Say it please.

Me: I have integrity.

Him: Integrity means wholeness. You know exactly who you are in this life and your opinion can not be swayed.

Me: Even so, just because you have a story, doesn’t mean you have to tell it.

Him: That is also true, but wisdom comes from a practice and a discipline. You must keep writing.

Me: I didn’t say I was a writer.

Him: You didn’t have to. What is your next question?

Me: How does a shepard become King?

Him: How does a King lose his kingdom?

Me: By being unkind to his servants.

Him: Get ready. You are going to be responsible for a LOT of money. A lot.

Me: I don’t want that. I only want un oueff. An egg. Enough. I only want enough money.

Him: Whether you like it or not, you have a tremendous amount of money coming to you. It can be a burden or a blessing depending on how you care for the money, and what you choose to do with it.

Me: I’d like to start a charity for abused LGBTQ people.

Him: That is a noble cause but it will not erase the pain you have suffered.

Me: I like remembering the pain I’ve suffered.

Him: Why?

Me: You’re the psychic, you tell me.

Him: You need to remember your pain so you can grow into a new man.

Me: Ding! Growing Pains is a great show.

Him: You are showing a smile again that betrays who you really are. You’re struggling to evolve and when you do the world will be at your feet.

Me: Sounds like I’m going to live in Tibet.

Him: You will leave the country soon.

Me: That is true.

Him: Do you have another question?

Me: I’ve been blythely telling everyone that all of human knowledge is inside all of us when we are born. Do you agree?

Him: It is true. But, unlocking that knowledge comes at a price, and as soon as you become aware of your power, you must wrestle the demons of your own fear.

Me: Forever.

Him: There is only forever, never, and now. Are you afraid right now?

Me: No.

Him: Then I hope the money you are getting will be spent wisely. What is more important than money?

Me: Time.

Him: You are wiser than I gave you credit for. Thank you for an eye opening session.

Me: Don’t I get one more question?

Him: I would rather you come back regularly, and talk to me about how things are progressing. Is that fair?

Me: As long as it doesn’t cost money next time.

Him: Friendship is freely given.

Me: How much do I owe you?

Him: 30. 15 for you and 15 for your fiance.

Me: Will you take 35?

Him: Most certainly. And don’t forget, there is a Goddess of Infinite Compassion – she is much older than the God you worship.

Me: Hey now. Don’t give away the milk for free, buddy.

Him: I saw you dancing, earlier, very graceful.

Me: Thanks, pal. Next time I’ll read your palm.

Him: Is that so?

Me: Yes. I have to get a magnifying glass first.

Him: Go to the ocean.

Me: And make salt.

Him: Yes. It is everyone’s right to make salt in the ocean. No government can control this.

Me: Gandhi.

Him: Yes.

Me: What a drama queen he was about his anorexia.

Him: You are a funny man.

Me: Ugh. I know. Don’t get me started

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4 thoughts on “Gandhi and 4 Questions

  1. :p I like ur blog .. N I d love to offer u a counter-fortune-telling in a least-Theistic way ….
    …Here we go !! …..

    A Nomad and 4 Questions :

    1) why u have to lie ?
    Lying is the gift of natural,it is also a form of art..a long-lasting lie regarding its natural,is a fine art whereas a bare face less-profitable lie is like a 3rd-class art … As in film industry ,some of the films could make people cry or laugh or even practice on it…. So I think a high level lying/discretion/paraphrasing/misleading are forms of arts that make the world a colorful place , such as hiding a little bit white in red you ll get a brighter red but nothing too much or too little ,and the chemical has to be well fit in together ……. “The B&W” TVs are not always the ” REAL” TVs , even the Sun & the Moon change its color or shapes to form day and night …. Lying is not something very bad ,the best lying is the kind of lie that could create as much profit as possible either for oneself or others and as little harm as possible either to oneself or to others…..
    My GED teacher use to persuaded me to have some “decoration” on writing since I always have nothing to write about, so I asked him ” is that lying !???” ….. To my surprise ,he told me “no ,it is not , it is just imagination ” … …
    Also in Pokemon world ,my favorite Pokémon which I think is “nomadic” like Mew… Who can transform himself into any Pokemon …people rarely saw his true form but remembered him for his flexibility and the good deed 🙂 …..
    After all , regarding your question , let’s say you are like a paper ,you could be more or less high quality than other papers … But what make you unique is what you put in the paper …. There are many ways could make yourself a “fine art” ….. A skillful piece could make you famous for centuries … A less decorated art may result you left behind … So you are just doing what everyone else are doing ….for me, I choose to be a “whiteboard “and approach to “computerized drawing-pad ” ,I don’t desire to be famous but I do desire my forms of art could be recognized by as many as possible … Therefore my philosophy of art is “nomadism” or “flexibility” …. . “Being real ” within a community that sharing the same opinion with you are nice things … But sacrifice your pride to fit into another community is also one of the most generous things to do …. People don’t have to agree with each other or even like each other … even a satanist could fall in love with a Christian if they both focus on the common interest and hide/decorate / discretion /lie about their conflict part …. So if you are being so real that you tell people you are actually vampire Garfield at 100 some age, people may be scared away 🙂 you may wanna be a cute Garfield and make people offer your their neck voluntarily 🙂

    2) A shepherd became King only if the Natural made him to be so , there are many hard-working ,intelligent,talented people,but there will only be one King that is chosen by the natural or people would say “luck” ,” hardworking” , “dictatorship” ,”bribery” or etc…. But only one will be chosen either by natural or luck ,by people …etc… So no matter what a person believe….the term ” luck ” “fate” “talented” “u deserve all this ” “you are the chosen one” …etc…are most likely the first come into people’s mind ………

    3) knowledge/intelligence did stored in one’s mind at birth, it is simple but it could generate things infinitely… Just like 3 colors could create infinite visual effects … whether a person is smart or stupid … One can always create something great … The so called “high intelligent”one or “smart” one are happen to be some “pre-made color” has stored in their mind at birth..but thoesn’t make them more or less advance……

    4) ” what do I owe you ” ?
    Lol , a hug …

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