People Send Me Stuff


Here’s some things people have sent me.  Pics.  Advice questions.  Random stuff…

Hey Michael,
Its me Jamare, finally I have to a question for Piefolk. So last night, me and this guy were chatting and have a good time. I mean we chatted all night and I he was really nice. He told me how him and his Boyfriend just broke up. He says they loved each other very much and really thought there love was going to last. But the explanations his boyfriend gave him why they broke up was because he lost interest. Anyways, in the mist of all that, he’s really confiding in me for advice and seemed to draw more closer to me. By the end of the night, he was telling me thing like how much he like me and that he really want to talk to me again. So, I guess what I trying to say is, am I some kind of rebound for him? because love is something you can just stop doing and way he explained what happened it seems like that is what happened. Please help, I need the advice.   P.S.  Is it bad that he’s way more into me than I am to him?

Thanks for your letter, Jamare.

So, listen, I’m really glad you met someone who you had fun with, and enjoyed.  It’s pretty clear from what you’re saying that he’s in ‘rebound’ mode.  Best thing to do is what you’ve done already.  If you like him, just be there for him.  Enjoy your role in all this – you can be the guy he draws close to as he mourns the loss of his relationship.

I think it can be nice to be someone’s rebound relationship.  Especially if you know the score.  If you don’t expect the relationship to last, you can really enjoy it for what it is – just two people connecting for as long as they can.

You asked me if love is something you can stop doing.  Yes.  And also, no.

Love is a choice.  Falling in love may seem haphazard and chemical, and maybe it is, but staying in love is a choice.

Even so, my advice to you is just have fun with this guy.  You just met him.  You have no idea how this will play out.

Have fun, and try to respect each other.



Dear Piefolk

After browsing your website I have become obsessed with pies which for me is not normal. I keep a typical Episcopalian diet of gin, unsalted saltines and live. In the last week or so, I have had at least two pies and may have done the unthinkable and used bay leaves in a recipe even though they cause death. I was wondering if you could shed some light into my predicament. I can’t decide if I have suffered some sort of tramatic brain injury or if maybe I am so enthralled with the way you look naked in an apron that I have thrown off my beige food oppression. Any inform would be helpful.




Now THIS is the type of letter I like to receive.  Bat-shit crazy and full of compliments.  Are you an ex of mine, or what?  So, it seems like you might be asking me if I think you’ve caused permanant brain damage with bay leaves.  Clearly you have. Did you notice how your letter to me didn’t make sense?  That’s the first tip-off.

Be wary.  I’m pretty sure bay leaves are a fine spice for plenty of foods. I don’t think they ’cause death.’  You might have taken some actual toxin.  Or maybe you is crazy.  Is you crazy?



Someone sent me this image:

Hey someone – THIS IS IT!!!  That’s how you make my day.  Send an image like this. I mean, woof, Jesus Christ.  Can I get a date, or what?

Damn kid.  This is great.  Thanks for tuning in…



Thanks everyone for writing in.  Thank you.


This makes me so happy.  Please enjoy my happiness, Jerks.


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