Show Us Your Dish

I was asked to do an online cooking show.  Don’t get excited.  Or do.  It was fun and they were nice, but it wasn’t like some cheerfully lit, antiseptic gorgeous kitchen on The Food Network.  It was more like a ramshackle basement where a bunch of funny guys might hang out in some post-adolescent Peter Pan  Newcastle and pot smoke induced haze.  In other words, my kind of place.

Plus my friend Morgan Phillips lives with those guys, and he’s great.  He’s funny and supportive and is very well liked/respected in the New York comedy community.

Show us your dish is a show where four comics invite a fifth over to cook food and chat about comedy.  Nick is the host, and he’s wing-manned by Marshal and Borris.  Jesse is the camera man/editor/ tech guy.  Also, he hit on me the whole episode.  It was embarrassing.  I thought he was going to date rape me.

Next time, Jesse.

The guys were fun, and funny, and very tolerant of my comedy weirdness/political rants.  Here’s the episode:

It was the funnest thing ever.  And, as you can see, Jesse was hitting on me the WHOLE TIME.  Jesse, my eyes are up here!

Thanks for asking me, guys.  I’d come back any time!  As for the rest of you – Enjoy the Chicken Pot Pie, Jerks!!!

2 thoughts on “Show Us Your Dish

  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun! (points for mentioning Oblivion lol)

    I’ve never had a chicken pot pie with whole ingredients either, does it mainly just affect the texture?

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