Orange Custard, and a Visit From My Little Brother

My Japanese Little Brother Kazu came over a few weeks ago.  He was curious about making an Orange Custard Pie.  He’s becoming a good pie maker, right?  Remember when he showed me how to make a Green Tea and Red Bean Pie?  Yum.

I had a recipe in my Cook’s Illustrated book, so we decided we’d just follow it straight out.

You make an Orange Custard Pie just like how you make a Vanilla Custard pie.  But cut the vanilla in half.

Add the juice and zest of one orange to the egg/cornstarch/sugar mixture that you creamed.

Meanwhile, you and your sexy Japanese Little Brother have been heating up milk and cream on the stove.  Don’t have a sexy Japanese Little Brother?  Well, I don’t know what to tell you.  You can’t have mine.  Start being nice to Japanese people, I guess?


Anyway, slowly whisk the heated dairy into the egg/sugar/starch/orange mixture.

Heat it up for another couple minutes and then chill it.

Pour the custard into a baked blind pie shell, and chill the whole affair for at least 6 hours.  Overnight is better.

Look at the mess you made with your Little Brother.  Have some self respect and clean it up.

Second to last step:  Be thankful that you have a sexy, bright, young Little Brother to come help you make pie.

Last step:  Enjoy the Orange Custard Pie.


2 thoughts on “Orange Custard, and a Visit From My Little Brother

  1. Hotness! I love it when you have him on here! He’s sexy! So are you, but i want some of him! 😀

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