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Sometimes people send weird things.  Images of themselves, or pies they made, or both.  Be aware, images you send might get posted along with your letter, but your name won’t be identified if you don’t provide it. is my email address.

Sometimes people send letters asking for relationship or life advice. That’s great, but keep it short and don’t tell us your whole life story. Stick to one or two questions, please. We’re all busy, and stressed out, so let’s keep it brief, lucid and cute with the advice letters, K?

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61 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I saw the link to your blog on Donna’s facebook page. I have never made a pie before even though I cook all the time. I would like to make the Triple Berry Pie but I didn’t catch how much confectioner sugar was used or if it was used.
    I enjoyed your videos.

    1. dude people need to eat. who the fuck are you???? dont even have a burn mark on your arm from cookin!!! bet you are short with a little dick that cant fuck! we all know girls like baked goods… you are doing nothing new faggot>>>wait i take that back…my gay dude would think you were a faggot.
      xox call me 646209779…dumbass

  2. Bridget – the amount of sugar is up to you. I think it depends, really, on how sweet the produce you get is… If you get berries that are a little tarter than you’d like, add some sugar to taste… If you get sweet, ripe berries, maybe just a little sugar, or none at all. Thanks for watching!


  3. Thanks Michael. I’m going to make the pie on Sunday for a super bowl party. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  4. ok- I love the pie videos but I am gagging over the music!! Cat Dog!! hello. I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you write, play guitar and sing. I had no idea. Please let me know if you guys ever do a show. LOVE!!!

  5. Piefolk are the best folk in the world (well, them and circus folk). I enjoyed meeting you guys in Tallahassee. Hope there’s an album soon.

  6. Hey Michael, it’s Josh, from your Canadian Improv group. I had a few questions on pursuing my career as an actor. Please get back to me, Josh.

  7. Hey Michael,

    This is Matthew from your flight into LGA on the 4th. I am here tonight and thinking about the ritz. Hope you are there…
    I did lose my phone this past week on a trip and all my numbers..:( you can email me or message me. My number is 404 663 5953. Ttys

  8. Thanks for your kind comment and for adding me to your blogroll. If I ever need to impress somebody by baking them a pie….I’ll know where to come! 😉

  9. Hi there! My pal Jared told me to check out your website! Sir, this is certainly fantastic! Pies and extreme hipster action! Love it!

    I have a friend that’s writing a book about pies and homemaking. Her blog site is

    But also, we would love to be featured on your page sometime. let us know if that is even something you like doing! We’d cram some bluegrass pie numbers into a video for you!!! mwah!


  10. Hey Michael,

    I’m Michael too! Last year I started my own farmer’s market pie business, IC Pie. The next time I’m in NYC or Brooklyn we should meet and trade recipes. By the way I loved the EVB layout. Very sexy!


  11. Hi M.

    Ya know, its been years since we’ve been in touch. And longer since I have seen you in person (in Tallahassee.) But lately I have been reading your Facebook postings and really loved the Obama Pie(ce). (get how I accentuated the “pie” in piece. (I know. Crazy, right?))
    Anyhoo, I am fairly accomplished in the kitchen (which you would know if you had come to my birthday party in January, on MLKJr day — MLKJr and I do not have the same birthday, my birthday is not even in January – but the party was. Actually, now that I write that, it occurs to me that maybe the same is true for MLKJr. I don’t actually know when his birthday is. But maybe it has nothing to do with the day its celebrated. Like Jesus… and me. Maybe its because we are both Capricorns… Jesus and I. Not MLKJr. Well, I don’t think so anyway — about MLKJr — I cooked for everyone… Brisket, Home made MacNCheese, blacked eyed peas with kielbasa, sweet potatoes with pecans and pineapple. It was fun. You might have enjoyed it. But you didn’t even RSVP or otherwise respond to the invite. Not that I am holding a grudge, but hey, you know, its the little things.) Last year I started taking a crack at desserts. Cookies, Cakes, a great banana cream pie with vanilla bean, the occasional Key Lime pie with a chocolate Ganache topping. For Christmas I made my own version of a Sacher Torte with a homemade semi-sweet Schlag. Lately I have been mediating on a chewy oatmeal cookie with dark chocolate chunks and sweet cherries. In truth, I am not much of a pie person. I mean I like them, but I think that cookies and cakes are more substantial. But since following your “career” I have to admit that I am more intrigued about the whole “pie thing.” It seems to me that it’s all in the crust (as they used to say back in the 70’s in gay porn reviews.) So, I thought we might give it another go and extend another offer. Perhaps you could come over for dinner (something really good and heavy, like Indian Food, which I would make from scratch… so it really wouldn’t be Indian, per se, but more like Indian-Jewish fusion…) You could bring a pie for dessert, or better yet, come over here and we could make the pie together. Eric could photograph it all (the cooking and the food). I think that would be fun. Let me know.

    By the way, what do you do with all this pie you make. Are you affiliated with a bakery?

  12. Thanks for the invite Ian. Sorry I didn’t respond. Was it a facebook event? I don’t always see those.

    Thanks for following my ‘career.’ I love that you’ve put that in quotes. Hilarious. Have you been watching my comedy career? Is that what you mean? Is that why you’re separating it from the ‘pie thing?’ Is it my music career?

    I might be coaxed into coming over for food. I’m busy these days, but, it’s certainly nice of you to offer.

    Actually, you have seen me in person since Tallahassee. You approached me outside the UCB theater, remember? You gave me some very bad news rather flippantly about a dear friend of ours. I asked after him, if you’d seen him, and you said he’d died of AIDS. Then when I asked if you were serious you shrugged and said you didn’t know. It was pretty shocking.

    Thanks for following the blog – I really appreciate you reading and watching. It’s super nice of you. I’m sorry if I lost track of your invitation to dinner. That was rude of me, and I don’t really care much for, or respond well to, rudeness.

    As for the pie, I eat it, Ian, or I give it to friends. Mystery solved.

    Have a great one!



    1. Hi MM,

      OMG! I totally remember that… now… that you reminded me… I was with my friend Morton who lives in Penn South in the building right behind the Grastetites into which the UCB theatre is crammed into the back. I do not remember the particulars of our conversation nor can I now recall which one of our several still living and/or deceased mutual dear friends after which you had inquired but I now feel bad that I may have said something untoward. I think you can probably tell that, in general, I am sweet, but that I also have a darkly irreverent edge to my humor which leads me to say (or write) things that, I am told, folks sometimes find shocking (or worse) and for which I am for ever finding myself having to feel bad about saying (and/or writing) years after I have actually said and/or written them. So, I apologize for shocking you and for the record, I hope that whomever it was I was flippantly referring to did not actually die of AIDS, since its still a far too politicized and stigmatic illness but rather something far more mundane, like drowning in his swimming pool during a botched (and failed) attempt to rescue his toddler who was also drowning (though quite successfully) in said pool. A less sensitive essayist might, at this point, observe that, in this case, the apple has not fallen far from the tree. Or perhaps something less morbid, like slipping quietly away during a coma caused by the sudden impact of his head with the windshield of his best friend’s Ford Pickup truck resulting after the best friend, after a night of heavy drinking, thought it might be interesting to have his pick up jump the median of the Florida Turnpike and slam into oncoming traffic, admittedly a really bad idea, but which, miraculously resulted in no other injuries, not a single scratch, except for a mild case of contextual (and presumably guilt induced) aphasia for the now former (but not “Late”) best friend, who found himself unable to form coherent speech when discussing anything having to do with driving or trucks, putting a decisive, if somewhat ironic, end to his otherwise unblemished and rather stellar career as a salesman on his father’s used car and truck lot in Destin, Florida.

      (Oh dear. There I go again.)

      Don’t sweat the party. Yes, I invited you via Facebook. It was great. Lots of folks. But you would not have known anyone and it was really all a bit overwhelming. And besides, I have a feeling that your particular charms and talents are best enjoyed in the company of a small group of folks where you work the edge between awkward and uncomfortable without actually having to feel humiliated.

      I am glad you liked the quotes. I am somewhat of a subject matter expert with them. They allow for a sort of amped up, passive aggressive intensity that is hard to achieve otherwise. I am also a big fan of the over-extended-run-on-hyphen. Unfortunately, I am much less of an expert when it comes to careers which is surprising considering that I have had so many: student and teacher; graphic designer, journalist, publisher; massage therapist to republicans and clergy (you can just imagine); and, for a few weeks, way back, a tempura chef in a Japanese 0

  13. Hahaha.

    I’m good in front of large crowds too. One of my ‘careers’ is hosting huge events for celebrities and corporations. I’m an emcee for people like Donna Karan and M. Night Shamalan.

    But thank you for your concern.

    The mutual friend I’m referring to is Bill Castine.

    1. I don’t mail or ship them. If you’re in the New York area and you want a pie, we can talk about pricing. It depends on what you want, etc.

  14. Hey! Happy belated birthday 🙂

    Ok, so Im coming to Brooklyn this weekend and want to know about it! Is it safe, dangerous, anything I should be weary of?

    take into consideration: Im coming from maybe just 10 minutes north of the south side of Chicago soo yeah haha

  15. Hey. there! As you have already discovered, food is sexy, and how much more sexy when you are rolling out dough, and a new friend stands behind you, so close that you can feel his hard dick rubbing against your butt crack. Now that’s cooking.

    I enjoy your website, not just because I too love to cook and bake (East Indian, Thai, Scandinavian, and sometimes what ever is in the fridge in a new way. So keep cooking, and don’t forget that dessert is right behind you (very close behind you, in fact). Enjoy!

  16. hey i just found your blog love it by the way but have one huge problem with one thing and was wondering if you could help me out. your truly marcus bonotellafonssia

  17. Hey Buster,
    Really enjoying the blog, though to be honest, I found it through my obsession with The DataLounge so it isn’t all bad. Oh, and you’re very cute.
    Keep on,

  18. I have a love/hate relationship with the dates you go on. I love that you have these terrible dates because reading about them makes me laugh tremendously. I hate, however, that you keep meeting such assholes. You’re such an incredible person with so much insight, talent, and you’re drop-dead gorgeous.

    I know my use of a the phrase “love/hate relationship” is not the correct usage, but that’s not the point of the comment.

    Keep writing, you’re fantastic and I enjoy reading your blog.

    P.s. You’re a jerk.

    Truly, your jerk Bobby.

  19. just gotta say. you make an adorable chef and that maybe you can cook me dinner sometime. ill provide the dessert 🙂

  20. Fyi, you’ve inspired me to bake a pie (two actually) for Thanksgiving.

    I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  21. hey, I’m 14 years old, and I’m a huge fan of your blog:) and I need some advice. the other night my friend was sleeping at my house! (he doesnt know I’m gay) and soon enough, we decided that it was time to go to bed. but here’s the weird part… he asked me to sleep in the same bed as him so we could ” talk “. we usually sleep on seperate beds so I didn’t know how to go about this. I really wanted to, because he’s really cute, but I weren’t sure whether he wanted to have sex, or just to legitimately talk. so I just told him that I was too tired to talk, and went to bed on a separate matters. I knew that if I slept in the same bed as him I would pop one. so what do you think? is he gay?

    1. It sounds like he wanted to hook up with you, or at least flirt with the idea. People don’t usually invite other people into their beds for conversation only, especially if another pattern has been established first.

      Since you’re 14, I’m not going to recommend that you jump on the next opportunity to have a ‘talk’ with this guy in his bed. That would be weird – me, an adult male, urging a minor to participate in sexual activity.

      So, definitely DON’T do that. BUT. If you DO – please be safe. Use condoms for sex, and if you have oral sex NO EXCHANGE OF FLUIDS, okay? Don’t swallow anything. To be perfectly, graphically clear – don’t let him have an orgasm in your mouth. Take it out first. It’s messier, but much, much safer.

      Thanks for writing in, Jerk. xoxo

  22. My partner and I are bringing our granddaughters (2) to New York over Memorial Day. They are 12 and 9. Can you recommend something memorable to do with them. Of course we are doing the touristy things such as broadway shows and Times Square. But I was hoping you would have some insight about the city that goes beyond a tour book.

    Don’t worry, they have both seen a lot and hard hard to fluster. I’d love to really blow them away.

    Btw, I love your blog. It seems very real. I hope you find a boyfriend that thinks you are awesome.

    Good luck to you,


    1. Sure.

      Take them to Serendipity. Kids love that place. Known for huge desserts and colossal ice cream sundaes, it’s decorated chic, but also like a kids wonderland. Be advised – there’s a long wait, and there’s gonna be a crazy sugar rush (and subsequent crash). Have fun!

  23. Hey Michael, it’s been forever since I’ve seen or read your blog. I thought about it yesterday when I was thinking about reading a good blog for research. As I remember, you covered so much in your blog that a lot of young gay guys like myself would go through. Allowing me to know it have so idea of what to do in certain situations. I thank you so much for having this blog and continue to do what you do. Hopefully someday I can come to New York and make a pie with you! Jerk!!

    So much love and thanks!
    Jamare Williams

  24. It’s so strange to see photographs of New York City. I sort of forgot it existed. If you don’t live in the United States, New York has somewhat disappeared from the cultural radar. Your pictures remind me of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and all those old movies from the 1970s like Taxi Driver and Woddy Allen’s Manhattan.

  25. A few days ago I stumbled across your blog and I really enjoy reading it. I had to share it with a friend who also loves it. A fantastic idea. Keep up the good work. The only question I have is what kind of glasses do you have? They’re amazing.


      1. I haven’t looked at that thread in a long time. I’m sure they’re still at it, as usual. Typing away. Huddling up with their shame. I’m writing songs today, though.

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